Desktop Goals is your source for setup inspiration. Whether you’re a developer, gamer, musician, video editor, day trader, or remote worker, Desktop Goals focuses on all the pieces of equipment that blend together to create a personalized, custom workstation setup.

We're gear-obsessed and we sweat the details. But, not only that, we're keen to disect the how and why behind people's workspaces. Operating on a budget? Not a problem. We've been there. Optimizing your space for work? We've got your back. Tight on space. Yep. Got that too.

We're interested in showcasing the latest in affordable home offices, bedroom setups, gaming battlestations, digital audio or video editing suites, trading desktops, computer-in-a-nook, workspaces, vintage gear, and everything else that makes them fascinating, fun and awesome.

What's your go-to? Laptop or desktop? No external monitor, single monitor, or multiple monitors? Everyone's choices have their reasons.

We'd love your feedback and contributions. This is the best place to show off your desk or office to the world, so share where you work or play here.

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