Let's look at this clean, modern, and elegant setup by Brad Fairbridge on Instagram. Brad is a Forex trader based in Vancouver, British Columbia.

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success.
-Napoleon Hill

Starting with the screen, it's actually a monitor not a TV. The main display is a wall-mounted, expansive 43" Ultra High Definition professional Philips display giving vast amounts of screen real estate to share data visualizations, gain a view of the "big picture", and allowing to focus on the details, all in 4K Ultra HD.

The desk is an ever-popular and economic Karlby IKEA kitchen countertop which has a top layer of walnut for a warm, natural wood finish. It's supported with a set of matching IKEA steel-finished table legs.

Dual light sources are in place to provide flexible lighting, and ease eye strain. Desktop lighting is by way of a desktop Himalayan Salt-style Selenite lamp. There's a downlighter LED desktop lamp for those extended late night sessions. Ambient bias lighting is included behind the display.

On top of a SteelSeries extended mouse pad - used by gamers - sits a Apple Bluetooth Wireless Keyboard and a Logitech Bluetooth gaming mouse.

The daily driver laptop is a 2017 or 2018 Apple MacBook Pro with Retina display. Specification are unclear. This computer is the main powerhouse, but is also used to provide streaming tunes via Spotify.

The setup is kept tidy with those ubiquitous IKEA decorative plants.

A dark-framed whiteboard (keeping in with the setup's color scheme) in the background used for tracking plans, goals.

Desktop audio is delivered via the the powered AudioEngine A2+ speakers in the much-preferred white/black combination.

Headphones are the Apple AirPods and an unidentified closed-cup pair on a stand. My preference leans towards the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor headphones in black.

Notebook is difficult to make out, but could easily be a classic Moleskine notebook, and the pen looks to be a Pilot Precise V7 Roller Ball Stick Pen Precision Point Ink (0.7 mm).

The chair appears to be an arm-free IKEA chair.

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