User JohnnyPham posted this beautiful set-up to the Battlestations sub-Reddit.

Johnny Pham runs the Rainmeter app off over on the left-hand monitor showing the ping and system data. Rainmeter is modded with a theme called "Honeycomb icons".

The controller is an Elgato Stream Deck Mini. This tool is geared towards streamers, but Johnny Pham uses it for hotkey purposes, and controlling specific tools on his computer and set-up. It acts as a controller for the Nanoleaf lights (see below), positioning of windows on the three monitors, certain hotkeys for apps in games, and more.

The desk set-up is all-Linnmon tabletops from IKEA, consisting of a corner piece flanked by two regular-sized tables. He states he used over a dozen legs, something to considering when factoring in the cost.

The triple monitor set up is 1x 34", 2x 23.8" LG monitors. The middle monitor is a 2560x1080 resolution, G-Sync, 166 Hz. There are the models utilized:

  • LG 24MB35D-B 23.8" 1920x1080 60 Hz Monitor
  • LG 34UC89G-B 34.0" 2560x1080 166 Hz Monitor

The middle monitor is displaying "A Shore" by Waffle Ranger via the Steam Wallpaper Engine.

Johnny Pham's walls are decorated with the ever-popular smart home Nanoleaf light panels.

LED game comes across via NZXT Cable Combs which drop for around 20 dollars on Amazon. To get the RGB effects, Johnny Pham used 2x 200mm NZXT RGB strips. Noteworthy: these all need the additional Hue 2 RGB lighting kit controller to work.