Today, Reddit user u/Jfox8 publishd updates to their battlestation. The desk consists of a walnut, 74"x1 1/2" IKEA Karlby countertop seated on top of two IKEA Alex drawers for a natural wood and dark gray color scheme. They've taken things further by customizing the desktop with a matte polyurethane finish.

The office chair is the Markus from IKEA. It's similar to the one I use, but matches the Alex drawers with a dark grey finish. It provides usability, comfort, and attractive design at an affordable price point.

The desktop computer case was upgraded to a newer Define R6, and holds a glass panel section which snugly fits the case, allowing for airflow under the case, and reducing dust intake inside the case itself.

The monitor is mounted on the ever-popular Vivo single arm stand. Reddit user u/Jfox8 reports on it's stability, and help in freeing up desk real estate.

The sound system is JBL-driven: two monitors matched with a subwoofer. The monitors are housed on ISO Acoustic stands, boosting the overall sound quality and projection.

Amplificiation comes courtesy of a Massdrop x THX AAA 789. This is matched with the Massdrop x Focal Elex Headphones. There is also a Sennheiser gaming headset, hanging below the desk.

Kit list